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So, you're ready to propose to the special person in your life but you're not sure how to go about it.

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To get started complete the Get Started form below. It gives us some basic information like your name, contact details, when you are thinking of proposing and your budget. We will then chat with you about how we can create the Perfect Proposal no matter what your budget may be.

Budget guide:

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Now the fun begins. We'll chat with you to learn about you and your partner, your ideas and visions. You might have a hundred and one ideas or you might like to visit our packages page for inspiration.  We'll then get to work creating your Perfect Proposal.  Our services include but are not limited to full event styling, floral design, sourcing of unique venues and suppliers, photography and videography, travel, flights, transfers, accommodation, music, and of cause, creating that extra touch of romance.


With upmost secrecy, precision and an eye for detail, when the big day arrives we will have everything in place.

We can help you prepare for the moment when you pop the question and come up with the perfect ruse so it remains a surprise.

Then, all you have to do is sweep your loved one off their feet and pop the big question.

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